Jasmine’s Gallery

Hello I’m Jasmine!
I love to make you LOOK and FEEL beautiful! I want you to be able to leave the salon not only satisfied with your service & experience , but knowledgeable in what your specific hair care needs are! I will help you maintain a healthy hair care regimine, and meet your hair goals, all while being able to wear the styles you love!! The services I offer are: natural styles, cornrows, crochets with pretwisted hair, presses, loc/dread maintenance, and color!
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Press/Thermal Straightening

0013.jpg Crystal-0917-9.jpg Crystal-0917-6.jpg
Crystal-0119-11.jpg 009.jpg

Hair Color

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Crystal-0917-2.jpg Crystal-0119-9.jpg Crystal-0119-6.jpg
Crystal-0119-10.jpg Crystal-0917-4.jpg Crystal-0119-15.jpg

Natural Combo Style

009.jpg 0013.jpg Crystal-0119-7.jpg

Natural Styles

Crystal-0917-3.jpg Crystal-0119-13.jpg

Loc/Dread Maintenance

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Crochets w/ pretwisted hair​

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